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About Us



  • Mission Statement:

* To be the One Stop Wholesale warehouse for all your requirements in East Africa and Entire Africa

  • Our Motto:

"Distributing Excellence"


Who we are and what we do:


* We are a well reputed, limited liability company, incorporated in Nairobi - Kenya. Ngara, Near westlands and Parklands, and Close to CBD and have been in the import business since 1991.

* We hold Distributorships in Kenya for many well merited international brands

* Out of our extensive experience in the merchandise we deal, we have come to develop and brand our products we import under Sangyug / Sunpower names.



Solar energy products, DC products and Power back up range:

 solar-front-part.jpg 2.jpg

* We Import and stock a comprehensive range of Solar Modules and Direct Current accessories like Charge controllers, DC Light fittings, and DC accessories

* Our Solar modules are latest in Design, Supreme in Quality and sell at unmatched prices, they come with a 20 year warranty

 inverters-and-chargers.jpg  tripplitelogo.gif apsx750f.jpg  batteries-sunpower.jpg

* We are the authorized distributors of Tripp–Lite brand of inverters and UPS systems herein Kenya.

Tripp – Lite is a worldwide market leader in these products

* We have technical team trained by Tripp–Lite themselves and we conduct site installations and under warranty repairs.

* Our Clientele Base in this range of products extends from retailers countrywide to installations for Industries, Data Centres, 3 tires small and medium business enterprises 


  • Protective Gear, Safety gear, Personal Protective Equipments (P.P.E) and Accessories:

  prsu02-2-.jpgfd-3.jpgxhzlc40-mask.jpgse1540.jpg  se152c.jpgsf-a022.jpgse1595.jpgcimg0400.jpgfak002.jpgdh0001.jpg hs-4528.jpgsps97-7.jpg

 * We have an extensive range of Protective gear and Protective equipment. Our range includes Anti dust/ fume masks, Eye Protection from, Helmets of all types, Fire safety wear, Gloves of all types e.t.c

* Products are of sound quality and prices are attractive

* Our clientele base in this line of products includes, but is not limited to Supermarkets, Agricultural users, Chemical dealers, Factories and Industrial equipment suppliers. 


 9gong.jpgfoam3l.jpgfxhr-30m.jpg ps0609.jpgcs2127-.jpg siren-box.jpglk120-manual.jpg75g-car.jpg4ftx4ft.jpgcabinet75.jpges.jpgds50l-v.jpg

* We are market leaders when it comes to Fire fighting, alarm and safety equipment. We have the most exhaustive range of items ranging from Extinguishers of all kinds to complex fire alarm systems. We supply all these items and can avail spares , accessories and consumables for the entire range

* Our list of satisfied customers in this line of products are all the fire fighting equipment suppliers in Kenya. 


  • Security Alarms, CCTV equipment and accessories:


* We have a complete range of solutions when it comes to Security alarms and Accessories.

We stock security alarm panels, PIR detectors, Magnetic Contacts, Strobes, Sirens , Electric fencing equipment, all cables and cable accessories e.t.c

* We are the authorized distributors for Garrett metal detectors, and we have their complete range for security products.

* We are authorized distributors for Optex Security solutions in Kenya. We also deal in other brands like Optex, Inhep, Honeywell e.t.c

* We also provide CCTV solutions, and we stock the entire range of CCTV cameras, DVRs, and accessories eg Proline, etc

* Our cliental base on this line is also non – exhaustive. All reputed security solution providers are our regular customers. We can also provide installation services for this.



  * We import and distribute an all-embracing range of Office Equipment. We have a very good variety of Money processing appliances, safes, filing cabinets, fax machines e.t.c

* We also have a wide variety of Common printer and facsimile toners, cartridges and other consumables eg HP, Samsung , Sharp, Epson etc

* We have a wide range of Office stationery.

* We are the only authorized distributors for Casio in Kenya

* Our clientele on this product category is very widespread and includes all leading supermarkets, Agricultural users, stationery stores, small and medium business enterprises countrywide and an exhaustive list of corporate customers.


 cr1616-dl1616.jpg     crp2-pan.jpg   gp9vb2.jpg gpa76-2-.jpggpdsw2.jpgrenata-battery.jpg  gp-batteries-logo.jpgsony-np-f750-f770-1-grid.jpg    delta-carton-with-battery-smf-black.jpg   gp1272.jpg   12v7ahy.jpggenus-battery-1.jpg

* We stock Batteries of all types and for all purposes. Our range in batteries extends from Button cells, Regular size alkaline batteries, cordless phone batteries, camera batteries, Video camera batteries, solar batteries, UPS batteries to odd sized batteries

* In the solar battery range we had our own brand “Sunpower”. We also distribute GP, Renata and Yuasa batteries

* We sell these batteries to all our customers countrywide. The largest customers are leading supermarkets and all hotel outlets countrywide. 


Computer Accessories, Networking Accessories and optical storage media

 by-n003.jpgdes-1024a.jpgyx-k122.jpgwrt54gl.png usb-am-am.jpgusb-104m-usb08.jpgst-251452.jpg st-2004.jpg rcl-11.jpght-301c.jpeg 9m-25m.jpgtk-21.jpg

* We have a large variety of Computer accessories. We stock all types of connection cables and peripherals

* We stock a comprehensive range of Optical storage media, and we are the authorized distributors of TDK

* We have complete networking solutions, including switches, patch cables, CAT5 and CAT6 cables, wireless routers e.t.c

* We have the complete range of Tripplite UPS system, ranging from standard 500VA UPS to Rohs compliant, rack mount online UPS systems. Tripp-Lite is the Undisputed market leader in this range of products.

* We supply these items to all leading supermarkets, computer and stationery stores, small and medium business enterprises.


Asus Laptops

x54hr-sx029r.jpg        n53sm-sx081v.jpg


We are one of the distributors of Asus laptops in Nairobi, Kenya

 ASUS has made a really impressive and affordable laptops which are easy to take with you and with Good specs


Canon Printers



Ideal for anyone wanting an affordable home photoprinter,mono laser printer, colour laser printer, stylish mono laser 3-in-1 (printer, copy and scan) 

These Printers offers personal and small office users superb quality with quick, quiet operation - in aconvenient, space-saving designs.



* We have a comprehensive range in Electricals. We stock all types of electrical accessories, ranging from voltage converters, power extensions, switches and sockets

* We also stock all types of cables. You can get cables for applications ranging from alarm, telephone, networking, electrical, coaxial to electric fencing cables

* We have all types of cable organizers, ranging from cable clips, cable ties to all sizes of trunkings and conduits

* We supply all stationery outlets, and computer accessories outlets throughout the country. 


Energenie Electrical Products


 These are energy saving products.

 Our clever energy saving products provide an easy way of cutting the amount of energy used in homes and offices. Energenie's Power Management products are ideal for use with computers, monitors, scanners and printers, audio visual systems and many other appliances.Some of the products are:- Run Down Timer Plug Adapter,Av Automatic Standby Shutdown, Car Power Inverter, Power meter, 4 Way Radio Controlled Extension Lead e.t.c   








* We are the authorized distributors of Ceriotti Italy.

* We stock a complete range of saloon equipment

* We also stock Saloon equipment consumables like rollers, brushes and combs

* We stock a comprehensive range of manicure, pedicure and cosmetic products

* We supply these items to supermarkets, saloons and retailers countrywide


9854-802-homepro-lithium-ion.jpg   79233-017-homepro-100-series-2-.jpg  zx698-800-straightening-comb.jpg  zx525-3-in-1-hot-air-styler.jpg



Hotel Equipments eg safes, Hand & Hair dryer, Stainless Pedal bins and batteries for Remote Control


101030.jpg  ariel-bf.jpg  u-nik-sf.jpg  flower-pot.jpg102100.jpg viento-shaver.jpg